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It's now or neverland

Never too old for immortality.

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There is a place far away, where men walk with dragons. It is a land filled with magic spells, fairy dust, enchanted woods and castles that float in the skies. In the tomes kept in their ancient libraries, one would read the greatest stories ever told; stories of kings and queens and knights fighting for honor, and of lovers that live on through, despite the wars, sufferings and deaths. And these rich histories keep their people alive. Whether they are told in taverns through songs or in schools with the children’s smiles and stares as the only reward, the stories keep their people dreaming, and laughing, and remembering.

And for whatever it’s worth, I share what little I can. That others might think of that place in wonder, and dream, and laugh, and remember.

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It’s not far down to paradise
At least it’s not for me
And if the wind is right, you can sail away
Find tranquility
Oh the canvas can do miracles,
Just you wait and see
Believe in me.

- Christopher Cross, Sailing